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The advertising and production company "Yaşyl Dünýä Group" offers a wide range of advertising services. By contacting us, you can be sure that the placement of advertising structures will be an effective way to attract new visitors and increase profits. Our customers are always satisfied. We will list only a few types of advertising agency services: Production and placement of outdoor advertising. Outdoor advertising is very popular in Turkmenistan. In a big city, outdoor advertising will be especially effective, as thousands of people will pass by every day and unwittingly pay attention to it. Various signs and light boxes are constantly in sight and attract the eyes of passers-by. This way, people will easily remember the name of your brand and turn to you for products and services. The main advantage of such an advertising strategy is its frequency. Production of outdoor light advertising Light advertising is always a great idea! It is especially noticeable in the evening and at night,

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